Watercolor and Abstract Expressionism

I work primarily in watercolor. It is an amazing medium, full of unexpected surprises!

In the past 4-5 years I have been experimenting. At first, I focused on the realistic representation of my subject, using the medium to produce a somewhat photo-realistic work of art. Although I enjoyed being able to create life-like paintings, I felt them to be boring and lifeless to a certain degree. They were not portraying my vision, voice, and most importantly, the excitement I feel when something I see moves me. So, I started experimenting with abstraction and realism in the same painting. Telling my stories as somewhat blurred and focused, simultaneously. This new approach is the most accurate of what I "see" at this point and the most stimulating. I love being expressive with the paint and brushwork, it is the truest extension of my soul.

I hope you enjoy Snow Chasers.

Snow Chasers
28" x 22"
Watercolor heightened with white
300lb Arches watercolor paper

Snow Chasers - Watercolor - 2015