Expressions in watercolor.

I received news recently that my painting Fog Light will be published in the 2015 North Light Books "Splash 16: Exploring Texture" watercolor magazine. I was surprised, humbled and grateful!

As a designer and artist, I have always worked to push the envelope of what is considered acceptable. Creating art is a very personal form of expression. Although I make representational images of what I see, I also strive to capture the feeling and emotion of the subject. What is it about this scene that interests and fascinates me? Why do I want to paint it?

Fog Light represents a wonderful walk down a dark, foggy street.  It confronts the effects of light on surfaces when diffused by fog with heavy, blurred, abstract expression and dark colors. I wanted the viewer to feel the darkness and weight of the night air.... its texture.... its mystery.

Thank you Rachel Wolf and all of the editors at North Light Books for this great honor!

UPDATE to this post:

As many watercolor painters know, it is a medium which does not always get the respect it deserves as a legitimate, challenging art form. However, I am happy to say that Fog Light was awarded the Gold Medal in the Buffalo Society of Artists 118th Catalog Exhibition on Friday, September 12, 2014. To be recognized and included in such a superb group of artists is incredible. I am so honored to be a part of this great Buffalo arts community.

Fog Light
140lb. Arches cold pressed paper
Fog Light - Watercolor - Gold Medal Award, Buffalo Society of Artists 118th Catalog Exhibition