Back to the beginnings.....

Just when I thought I was getting pretty good at watercolor I decided to change to oils. I am quite spontaneous that way.

Although I love watercolors, I am not completely comfortable with the medium. It is very challenging to use it the way I paint... very fast, heavy painting, over and over... not good with watercolor.

So I thought I should go back to oils to see how it works for me now many years later. It seems I can work with it quite well. I am much more comfortable applying color, changing it, doing it again... etc.

This is the result of my first oil painting after many, many years.

Mountain Farm (Virginia)
24" x 18"
Oil on Canvas
Mountain Farm (Virgina) - Oil on Canvas - 2013

I always find it difficult to photograph paintings, it looses the softness and intensifies the detail and color, but this is close.

I hope you enjoy it.. thanks for visiting!