My First Show

Well I had the first official show of my art for a weekend Holiday event here in Buffalo, NY.

It was a great experience! I had many good conversations with artists and art lovers and appreciate very much all of the kind words and helpful suggestions on how to get my work out there and have success as an artist!

My most recent portrait, Emma's First Birthday, made its debut and had a resounding "beautiful" acclaimed by all who saw it. I am very happy with this painting....

Emma's First Birthday

I chose to show the painting with the photo I took at her birthday party that captured the moment, along with the sketch, to illustrate how I approach my subjects.

They are captured moments, not photographs reproduced. 

Tibbett's Point Lighthouse is another painting that I had done to show at this event.

Tibbett's Point Lighthouse

I like the high contrast and texture with this one. 

Please let me know what you think!!

As always, thanks for stopping by.