My Latest Efforts

It's been a great summer.

I have taken hundreds of photos of people, places and things that I have encountered in the past few months and look forward to painting them. Although I am still struggling with my watercolor journey, I am optimistic I will get the hang of it... eventually.

My latest installment is titled Strolling Home. It is a photo I took while in the Dominican Republic as we were on an excursion through the country roads of the island. We were headed toward the mountains to visit a cocoa farm and apparently so were these horses... just strolling along the road... heading in the same direction. There was no human in site and they seemed quite content on their journey... just another nice day for a walk.

Strolling Home

Strolling Home - Value Study

I also did a couple sketches I would like to share that were done while relaxing at our cabin.



Pretty relaxed I would say....

I hope you enjoyed viewing my current work. As always, thanks for stopping by!