Painting for Memories Sake

My latest work is a tribute to our family cabin at Rushford Lake.

We have enjoyed many good times at "the lake" and our little 500 square foot cabin is a big part of the memories. It is just big enough to house our family of four and a couple of friends. It has all of the modern conveniences... a refrigerator, a tiny porcelain propane powered stove with an oven that does not work, a sink and counter area... a small kitchen table with four chairs that shares the small living room area... a wood stove that fits snuggly in a corner that heats the whole cabin... a tiny bathroom.. a shower that was added later that bumps out of our bedroom... another small bedroom.... and the best feature of all... the screened porch with a beautiful view of the lake.

We also have a nice, open yard where many summer games have been played. The best times were when family, friends and our neighbors would all come together for a fun-filled game of volleyball (my husband Rich was quite the athlete on the court).. so much fun.... so many memories.

As we look to the future, we may tear down the tiny cabin and build a year-round place where we can spend more time and live more comfortably. It is a ongoing debate between my husband and myself.

So by the request of my husband Rich, who asked me to do a painting for memories sake, I share with you the Cabin at Rushford Lake.. a very special place.