Trying new things....

I bought a book about Watercolor painting and am learning a great deal. It seems there are methods to the madness!

Watercolor is a very challenging medium. It does not behave the same way oils or acrylics will. There are so many ways just to mix the colors! You can wash one over the other on the paper... wet or dry.. you can mix them on the palette, then put them to either wet paper or dry paper. There is also the "wet the paper first and add the colors and allow them to mix together as they will" just while the paper is damp.

Now there is where my true struggle lies!

Let the paint do what it wants? Give up all control? As you can see with all of my work... control is not an easy thing for me to let go of...

I have completed two paintings since my last post. The first is Iris, which is done using some techniques I read about. Masking, splattering, atmosphere.

I think it is interesting. Something different than what I would normally do. It is a little looser...

The second painting is Baby Screech Owl. The control freak in me came right back with this one!

We will see what the next one brings... I have an image in mind of an event I attended that would be a nice subject for a very loose, watercolor painting.

Stop by and see ... and again... thank you for visiting!